Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How can someone(or many people)be so..?
This semester in school is hellish for me.
I have to remind myself that I'm not a 'Post-It' because I am being used by others in a class of unfamiliar(and unfriendly) faces.
I foolishly think that each time someone from my class stays beside me, I have hopes of getting to be good friends or hanging around and with him/her/them.
It's only when I get disposed of and they don't even show the slightest hint of looking at where they throw me off.
I don't stick to them for long like a Post-It either because I have my pride on being independent sometimes.
The little good habits and etiquette of social relationships found among us hardly exist in my class.
Business students sometimes behave too corporate-ly(materially). Perhaps so is the world today.

I guess I was lucky to be reminded that I've a blog before I openly slammed/complained about some people here, giving obvious answers to the identities of the ones I'm referring to.
It made me think twice when the person who reminded me could be the one I'm complaining about/who can inform the person I've backstabbed.

At the Gundam Fair at Compass Point:
Giant Life-sized Gachapon! Merlion Gundam spurting out water from its shoulders!

Waiting for ZE:A showcase to start!My sister won free tickets worth $108 so we went!The songs kept playing as we waited from 1pm+ till 2.30pm when it started. My sister started queueing at 9am and she was 11th in line=.=

Tumbling DVD on shelves of TS stores in Singapore here!:)
It's affordable at $30!
Beside the ranks of Code Blue and Moon Lovers!
There's even a DVD review of it on yesasia.com!Click here for the review~

To all aspiring performers!
Avex audition applications are open!Web/Internet applications are available for the first time!
You can apply to be a singer, anime vocal artiste and many others!
Click here: https://ssl-apd.avex.co.jp/audition/upload.aspx
SM Entertainment Auditions are also open!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The days are finally over~
Can't bear to leave the Matric Fair committee..
Great to have known all of them.
It was definitely a different experience for me since most of the team were guys and Indonesians(they are a nice and easygoing gang).
Surprisingly, I felt comfortable talking to them.
Our team of people are a selfless lot and our 'slumber parties' at night were fun with games, pranks,forfeits and heart-to-heart talk(I didn't get left out this time of course).
It was as though a taiwanese variety game show just came alive~
Kevin suggested telling our Project director on the 3rd night that he was quitting MF as his forfeit.
His acting was great btw cos Elene got freaked out(someone from NUSSU welfare told me this is the worse situation Elene fears)~
Hendry and Sodoko prank-called the PROs audrey and felicia (both of them weren't staying over in school with us) respectively by getting them to say the word 'Romantic'.
Sodoko: If someone says I love you to you, the person is ___?
Felicia:*mumbles and complains why he called at midnight*..Retarded?

I also got a forfeit after an unusual 'pointing' game adapted from what AAA did before.
We spinned the bottle and the person could ask questions like 'Who do you think...'
We didn't understand each other very well(especially for those of us who only knew each other because of MF) so whoever we will pointing at was pretty random.
I got the most number of 'points' for 'Who do you think looks most different after a makeover?'
So the next day, I was forced to sign up for a free-of-charge hair makeover at the Loreal booth.
The girls enjoyed the hair makeovers and I'm the last one to go for it(with much reluctance).
The guys also went though we couldn't see the difference for some of them and they were more persistent in making sure that I got the makeover=.=
The worse thing is that my friends who turned up that day didn't leave after my makeover(I thought they were gone already) and they managed to see me with my new curls=0_0=
But I got compliments:)
I think this is one of the few moments in my life that I felt touched that everyone was fussing over me.
This may be superficial but this is memorable for someone who is usually not in the limelight.

Today was the clearing up day where we moved the stuff back.
Singtel abandoned Lee Min Ho at MPSH2.
So we started playing with him.
And the worse thing is the guys played with him more lol(hugging and lip-pouting)
My younger sister says that the standee is so contaminated after hearing this.
We have decided how to deal with Lee Min Ho.
We certainly didn't dump him.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NUS Matriculation Fair 2010/2011 is starting soon(officially on 22/7)!
I'm no longer a freshman soon:)
From tomorrow onwards till 28th, I'm going to be busy with Maric Fair since I'm liaising with the CCAs~
Going to camp/stay over in school since transportation will be costly and time-consuming..
I'm looking forward to getting a goodie bag:D
We will also be having the nescafe and heaven&earth green tea sponsors near our security booth:D
This will mean we can have both coffee and tea since the dipensers are going to be nearby!!

Went to the Singapore Garden Festival today~
We(zuqing & I) managed to pay the concession rate at $4.50 instead of $8~
Watched 'Despicable Me' at Cathay AMK as well.
Cathay has the best 3D effects!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Image-heavy!June Pictography


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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I haven't been blogging for 4 months?!
The 3 month vacation is great but I'm not taking any jobs because of NUS Matric Fair.
[NUS Matric Fair is the event freshmen get marticulated into NUS; it is simply the day registration takes place;but I'm in charge of PR stuff with the clubs and societies]
So with no job and no money(in additional to lousy college academic results), I have to take up other stuff to be on par with my fellow friends who have signed job contracts(and who have earned enough to pay half of their annual college fees; and who are complaining about awkward lunch times and no life)
So to spruce up my resume, which was the main purpose of participating in Matric Fair,I've took up Korean language and driving lessons=.=
I wanted to sign up for Japanese lessons too but I'm already lost during the 2nd Korean lesson.
This coming saturday is going to be the 3rd Korean lesson and I'm having a briefing for the 'CCAs' participating in Matric Fair before that.
I'm going dress like Geum Jan Di on that day!
So my holidays are now filled with a weekly routine of brushing up for Korean before saturday class each week and mugging for Basic Theory Test for driving.
In addition,I am aiming to create felt art pieces, sew a handbag, clutch and all kinds of accessories!:D
I've created Barbie clothes here~
I have also emptied part of my savings buying cheap taobao.com Japanese branded clothes!
I'm also going to read and master the SunTsu's Art of War to tackle opponents in the near future:D
CNA's Suntzu's war on Business is a nice show:)
My wuxia love is deeper now with the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre TV series airing on TV now.
And my weekly dose of documentaries on Animal Night!
Here's a slapstick and hilarous duo from youtube that my younger sister always gets me to watch:

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I fell in love with Orange unknowingly:

Bears too;they are beary nice:

A nice lump/blob of Johnson's&Johnson's body lotion that came out swirly:

I love rainbows:)

I am now an official Kpop fan~
Influencing people around me with 'You're Beautiful'..
Ironically I am the one who hasn't watched the series cos I read the episode summaries to avoid falling into the traps of idol dramas..
Nevertheless, I'm still charmed by Water, Juice and Tea-hyungs.
Sometimes I wonder why they seem so familiar..
First is that I have the dream ambition of being a scriptwriter/director that I make up all genres of content esp. idol dramas since they are so influential and money-making(lol)
[I harbour many ambitions btw]
Secondly is because I feel that I act like these three-hyungs(though my physical appearance is miles away).
I am water-hyung when I want to protect myself and when I have a feeling I'll get hurt.
Juice-hyung appears in me when I find someone who is willing to have fun with me~
When there is someone worth protecting and caring for, I'll have to be tea-hyung.
(Water=taekyung Juice=jeremy tea=shin-woo btw)
I guess these 3 characters exist within each of us, but there may be one/two dominant ones.
I asked people who they prefer among the three, and they either chose all or none(no response).
Currently, tae-kyung is dominant in me.I am a quiet and mysterious gal now lol.

Nobody cares and I don't care~
It's a chore to understand me.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just back from Vietnam~
We gave the school a mobile library, mural for the canteen and a camp for the entire school..
R&R for 2 days in Ho Chi Minh.
The homestay offered by the school for 13 days was great(except for the parsley & veg in dishes and watching the giant cockroach that crawl over someone on the first night)~
The simple life is great~
Danang has really nice beaches.
Cu Chi tunnels are real cool and reveal really smart army tactics~
Shopping in Vietnam is carefree since things are relatively cheap~

I met a Nissy-lookalike lol:

Was the loner in the team of 17 people cos I guess I wasn't keen to talk and neither were people keen to talk to me.
(even though they still cared when I came down with fever)
But I wasn't the one who knew what went on among the team and was excluded from Heart-to-heart sessions(HTHT).
Some of these HTHT sessions were probably team gossip anyway.
Or just confessions of the past.
Pissed off that I'm left out but what can I do?
Cherish my family more lo.
My University exam results suck btw.

This was a really good and refreshing 15 day vacation~

-->With my assigned buddy Zhanpeng
With translator Ha.
With the girls and translators.
With yongxin from my course.
Group dinner on 28th Dec~

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